Success Stories

Rae’s Story

(Adults Center – Parkinson’s)
My Parkinson’s symptoms were misdiagnosed by my doctor for 10 years.

An Osteopath finally diagnosed the condition 4 years ago.   Following the consultation, I went home, searched the internet and was convinced he was right.

I returned to my doctor who referred me to a Neurologist.

When the diagnosis was confirmed I was horrified. My first reaction was that I didn’t want any future grandchildren being scared of me.

Knowing the cause of the problems gives me confidence and control.

The Neurologist recommended I do everything I wanted to do within the next 5 years. I quit my job and started travelling.   I participate in everything I can to slow down the progression.

When the Parkinson’s Field Officer recommended INRF 18 months ago I attended and have come regularly ever since.   Conductive Education helps me feel more alert. My cognitive skills have improved and the techniques help me with balance. I am now able to control the tremors.

My hand writing is now legible and my overall dexterity improved.

The Conductors are competent and caring. The visits are enjoyable.

“Coming to the INRF is another tool in my toolbox.”


"We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails"