Family Support

The involvement of whanau is critical in the learning and rehabilitation process of CE.  Programmes can help to develop and maintain everyday routines and balance in families.

Parents/caregivers are recognised as the primary motivators of young children and can provide continuity at home, utilising and practicing skills developed in CE.  Support people in the lives of adults are also recognised for the key role they play in the success of CE.


“A key strength of CE is in its ability to support individuals and whanau.  You play an important role in helping your child or adult reach their maximum potential.”

We aim to provide a nurturing environment for the whole family.  We appreciate and value family/whanau involvement so that you are able to learn how to support your child or adult at home.

“Conductive Education really supported our family at times when the going was tough and helped us to learn to speak up and advocate for our child”

All families go through many emotions when parenting and these can be even more intense when you have a family member with a disability.  Centre staff are always there for advice or a listening ear when you want to discuss particular challenges that you are struggling with.  There are many families attending the centres who are also walking in your shoes and truly understand – opportunities to connect with others is something that our centres foster.

Equally our adult services provide opportunities for social interaction with others, both the people that we serve and their wider family/community network – this is a very important aspect in ensuring best outcomes.

Access to information is often very challenging!  The NZ Foundation for Conductive Education tries to keep on top of what is happening within the wider disability sector and ensure that centres are aware of any new developments.  Our Centre Managers are knowledgeable about things such as your rights, the needs assessment process, benefits etc. and you can also make direct contact with NZFCE for information and support.

“Conductive Education taught me to problem solve and we continue to benefit from that learning 15 years down the track”