Frequently asked Questions

Have a question about Conductive Education? You might find your answer in our frequently asked questions below.

How will I know if it is suitable for me?

Contact your local centre, visit to observe a programme and talk to staff about your concerns.  It may be immediately apparent that Conductive Education can assist you, or it may be necessary to undertake an assessment.  Either way, our staff will guide you through the process.

At what age can my child access the service?

Our early intervention centres work with babies right through to school age.

How Do I access the service?

Go the bottom of our ‘Home’ page and click on the region closest to you.   The website links will take you directly to information about each centre.

Does Conductive Education work in with other professionals?

Conductive Education centres have access to a range of other professionals – some of whom may be part of your team.

What makes Conductive Education Different to Other Service Providers?

Conductive Education has a focus on developing functional skills that can be applied in every day life.  Programmes are generally delivered in small groups and tailored to each individual’s needs.  Supporting whanau is an important part of what we provide so that learning can be transferred into other settings.