Success Stories

Davorin’s Story

(Adults Center- Stroke)
They tell me on 23 September 2012 I had a stroke.   I don’t remember.   Although I’ve improved greatly, I still suffer from short term memory loss.

Me and my wife were planning a new bathroom. She’d just dropped me home and said she’d be back in 30 minutes. She returned to find me semi-conscious on the bathroom floor. Unable to communicate, immobile and confused. Before we knew it, they were transporting me via ambulance to Auckland Hospital. The prognosis was bad. The brain bleed immense. They didn’t think I’d make it.

I spent 3 weeks in ICU due to contracting a Meningitis infection when they removed the drain from the brain, 3 months at Rehab Plus (where I suffered a heart attack) and 8 months at Cavit ABI.

My wife was determined I would improve. A friend recommended Conductive Education so we visited INRF to view a Stroke program. Impressed by the service we returned for an assessment. I commenced the program and have never looked back. I now attend twice weekly, recognise the benefits of the program, am strengthened by the exercises and can easily process the instructions. I also enjoy the comradery of the clients. The Conductors are just great.

“It’s a phenomenal program. The girls really make me work and I can see the results.”

My confidence has improved and my dream to return to the way I was, hopeful.

The past is behind me. I’m looking forward to the future.


"We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails"